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The Memories


Bernard Beleskey * Jane Thompson

& Their Families

Also Includes 6 Generations of Ancestors and 2 Descendants  

Palmer, Burton, Allan, Kent, Turner, Queen, Bavidge, Topps, Leeder, Bice, Wright, and more

From 1700 to Present

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250+ years of History and Memories The Beleskey's and Thompson's

Timeline of Peace 7th Century BCE to 2018


Introduction to the Beleskey/Beliski/Bieliski and Burton Ancestry Tree - 1414

1414 The Family Tree name "Beliski" of our ancestors now dates back to 1414 in Lithuania.

Our ancestors also came from Lithuania then to Prussia and then to Poland. the from Germany they arrived in Canada and United States, in the late 19th century

Our Beleskey/Beliski/Beiliski Family Name History:

As you may or may not know the Beleskey/Beliski's are of Lithuanian decent, polish heritage and traditions.

The narrative obtained from the "The Historical Research Center" describes the following historical information.

The Lithuanians may have settled along the Neman (Nemanus) as early as 1500 B.C. In the 13th cent., to protect themselves against the Livonian and Teutonic knights, they formed a strong, unified state which, by absorbing neighbouring Russian principalities, became one of the largest in medieval Europe. Between 1386 and 1569, Lithuania gradually merged with Poland. In 1795 it came under Russian control. Independence was declared in 1918, but Poland held Vilnius from 1920 to 1939.

The Lithuanian surname Beleskey/Beliski is of homonymic [ same as ] origin, deriving from the place name where the initial bearer lived or held land. In this instance the surname is considered to be a variant of the Polish Beliski, both finding their roots in a place names "Beles", with the addition of the suffix"-skey" which is a phonic variant of "-ski", a standard Slavic ending.

Thus the first bearer of the surname Beleskey/Beliski was someone who was identified by the members of his community as "one who hailed from Beles". In some cases, this name may also have originated from the estate of the family, in which instance, it can be interpreted "the lord of Beles".

The surname is also record as Belewicz and Bielewski. Etymologically the loponym derives from the Slavic term "biel", meaning "white". After the union of Horodla in 1413, when Lithuania and Poland united, many members of the Lithuanian aristocracy adopted the polish form of their surnames and indeed Lithuanian society was to become completely Polonized. Indeed, the variant form of Beliski was borne by a noble Lithuanian family, which was a sept of the great clan Mogila.

The ancestral seal of this house was located in the city of Zmudz, where their existence was documented in 1840. Zmudz, a Russian diocese, also called Telshi (Telshe), including the part of Lithuania lying on the Baltic; this Lithuanian district, also named Schmudien (Polish, Zmudz) or Schamaiten (Lithuanian, Zemaitis), was conquered about 1380 by the Teutonic Knights, and ceded to Poland in 1411 by the first Treaty of Thorn after the defeat of Tannenberg. The surname of Beliski was of the family which was a sept (family) of the clan of Sreniawa.



The Burton's History can be traced back to 1200

Burton is a name that was brought to England by the ancestors of the Burton family when they migrated to the region after the Norman Conquest in 1066.

The Burton family lived in Burton which is the "name of no less than forty parishes and places in England." [1]

The name literally means "fortified enclosure" or "fortified farmstead." [2]

Early Origins of the Burton family

The surname Burton was first found in Shropshire where they were descended conjecturally from Drogo de Beuvriere a kinsman of William the Conqueror who held lands at Burton Agnes, Burton Constable and a manor house or castle at Burton Pidsea.

The surname "is derived from Boreton, in the parish of Condover, in Shropshire, an estate which remained in the family until the reign of James I. 'Goiffrid de Bortona' (Burton,) one of the foresters of Shropshire, in the reign of Henry I., is the first recorded ancestor."



Time line from 1700

For the Families of
Beleskey - Burton - Thompson - Allan


Let's Start with 1775
John Burton
1775 – 16 February 1871

His Family Tree Shown below







John Joseph Anton Bieliski was born 1837 Died 1894

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  • Valentine Bielecki Bielski was born in 1837, at birth place, to Joseph Bielski and Anna Bielski (born Stenkievicz).

     Joseph was born circa 1820, in Gietrzwald, Warminsko-Mazurskie, Poland.

    Anna was born in 1838, in Prussia. Valentine had 3 siblings: Martin Bielski and 2 other siblings. Valentine married Veronica Bielecki Bielski (born Maikowski). Veronica was born in 1838, in Prussia. 





Valentine Joseph John Bieliski
Born 5th February 1859

More information


  • Bio

    • Valentine married Veronica Bielecki Bieliski (born Maikowski).

    • Veronica was born in 1838, in Prussia.

    • Valentine Beleskie was listed as being from Poland on his death certificate #033124.

    • He was married and lived at 86 Toronto Street in Guelph, Ontario, Canada.

    • Cause of death at age 51 was nephrites. Apparently he suffered from chronic nephrite's.

    • A condition in which the tissues in the kidney become inflamed and have problems filtering waste from the blood.

    • Nephritis may be caused by infection, inflammatory conditions (such as lupus), certain genetic conditions, and other diseases or conditions.


    In 1859, the first oil well in the United States was drilled in Titusville, Pennsylvania by Edwin Drake.
    Charles Darwin published his famous book "On the Origin of Species" which outlined his theory of evolution by natural selection.



Jane "Jennie" Dembrosky was born 1866 Died 1927



1888 John Joseph "Jack" Beliski, was born  5 September 1888



  • When John Joseph " Jack" Beliski was born on 5 September 1888, in Germany.

  • His father, Valentine Joseph John Bieliski, was 29 and his mother, Jane "Jennie" Dembrosky, was 21 at birth.

  • He married Mary Amelia Ruth Burton on 14 May 1913, in Ontario, Canada.

  • They were the parents of at least 4 sons and 1 daughter.

  • He lived in Guelph, Wellington, Ontario, Canada in 1901.

  • He died on 24 February 1966, in Barrie, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada, at the age of 77.

  • He was buried in Barrie Union Cemetery, Barrie, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada.


In 1888, several notable events occurred. These include:
  • In January, the National Geographic Society is founded in Washington, D.C.
  • In March, the Great Blizzard of 1888 hits the north eastern United States, resulting in more than 400 deaths.
  • In May, the first issue of National Geographic Magazine is published.
  • In June, George Eastman patents the first roll film.
  • In August, the first issue of the magazine "The Yellow Kid" is published, considered the first American comic strip.
  • In September, the first issue of the "Washington Times" is published.
  • In October, the first issue of "The Washington Post" is published.

Additionally, in this year, in London, the Whitechapel murders occurred, also known as the "Jack the Ripper" murders. In science, the German physicist Heinrich Hertz demonstrated the existence of electromagnetic waves.


1894  John Anton Bieliski died – 1894 more details


1894 Mary Amelia Ruth Burton was Born Died 1964




William David Thompson was Born 1907 Died 1996





 Jack Beliski and Mary Amelia Burton where married in 1914


Beckey Allan was born 1911 died September 2008

1916 Valentine Joseph John Bieliski  died – 29 April 1916



1916 Edwin Joseph Beleskey was born, Died 1984





  • When Edwin Joseph Beleskey was born on 12 April 1916, in Barrie, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada, his father, John Joseph " Jack" Beliski, was 27 and his mother, Mary Amelia Ruth Burton, was 21.

  • He married Phyllis May Palmer on 14 May 1940, in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

  • They were the parents of at least 3 sons.

  • He died on 21 October 1984, in his hometown of Barrie, Ontario at the age of 68.

  • He was buried in Barrie Union Cemetery, Barrie, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada.


1916 was a significant year during World War I. Some notable events that occurred in 1916 include:
  • January: The Battle of Gallipoli ended with the withdrawal of Allied troops.
  • February: The Battle of Verdun began and would be one of the longest and bloodiest battles of the war.
  • July: The Battle of the Somme began, it was one of the largest battles of the war and resulted in over one million casualties.
  • September: The Battle of Transylvania began, a campaign fought by the Austro-Hungarian and German armies against Romania.
  • November: The Battle of the Somme ended with little territorial gain for either side, but with over one million casualties.
  • December: The Battle of Verdun ended with the German army in control of most of the battlefield but with heavy casualties.

Also, The Easter Rising, a rebellion against British rule in Ireland, took place in Dublin, Ireland in April 1916.


1918   Phyllis May Palmer born 15 September 1918

Died at 99 2018



Phyllis May Palmer born 15 September 1918 – 15 May 2018

1918 was a significant year in world history, as it marked the end of World War I. The war, which began in 1914, was fought between the Allied Powers, including the United States, Great Britain, and France, and the Central Powers, including Germany, Austria-Hungary, and the Ottoman Empire. On November 11, 1918, an armistice was signed between the two sides, bringing the war to an end. Additionally, the 1918 flu pandemic, also known as the Spanish flu, killed an estimated 50 million people worldwide.



1940 Harold Lloyd Topps was born Died 1992

1938 Picture of The Beleskey Family 135 Inisfil Street Barrie Ontario

Way Back when? Now 2023

Barry Beleskey Douglas Beleskey Bernard Beleskey Joe Beleskey April 1948

Bernard 1942
on lawn beside the back porch

Rear Mary Amelia Burton Beliski and Joseph Jack Beliski
Left to Right bottom Vernon, Dorothy, Chuck , Phyllis and Edwin Beleskey
Gramma and Grampa Beliski Adopted Baby Douglas sitting in Phyllis May Palmer's lap.

My Grand mother holding Me beside my Dad
Photo taken by my Mother Phyllis May Beleskey

Spring of 1942




Bernard "Bernie" Edwin Anthony Beleskey Born 27 November 1941

  • Bernard "Bernie" Edwin Anthony Beleskey was Born by Caesarean at Royal Victoria Hospital Barrie Ontario, Canada

  • Bio

    • When Bernard "Bernie" Edwin Anthony Beleskey was born on 27 November 1941, in Barrie, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada.

    • His father, Edwin Joseph Beleskey, was 25 and his mother, Phyllis May Palmer, was 23.

    • He married at 25, Jane Elizabeth Thompson, age 23 on 14 October 1966, in London, Ontario, Canada.

    • They were the parents of son Kevin Blair Beleskey.

    • He registered for military service in 1962. RCAF #96305”

  • In 1963, at the age of 22, his occupation is listed as began working, April 1st at Household Finance in Simcoe, Norfolk, Ontario, Canada.

    Bernie's Timeline

1942 Bernie at 1

Grandma Mary Amelia  Beleskey - Edwin Beleskey  and Bernie Beleskey

1943 Bernie Beleskey at 2 in Hamilton, Ontario



1941 was a significant year in world history. Some notable events that occurred in 1941 include:

  • January: Germany and Italy declared a pact of steel, solidifying their alliance.
  • April: Yugoslavia was invaded by Nazi Germany.
  • June: Germany launched a surprise invasion of the Soviet Union, beginning the Eastern Front of World War II.
  • December: Japan launched a surprise attack on the United States naval base at Pearl Harbour, bringing the United States into World War II.


My new Riley Roaster bike with in hub brakes with sprocket 3 speed gears

My Mother made me buy a bike for my brother


Jane Elizabeth was born July 8th 1943

  • 1943 was a pivotal year in World War II. Some notable events that occurred in 1943 include:
  • January: The Battle of Stalingrad ended with the surrender of the German army.
  • February: The German Sixth Army surrenders at Stalingrad, the first major defeat for the Germans in the war.
  • July: The Allies invaded Sicily, marking the beginning of the Italian campaign.
  • September: Italy surrenders to the Allies and Germany occupies Italy.
  • October: The Battle of Moscow ended with Soviet Union pushing back German army.
  • November: Teheran Conference, where leaders of the Soviet Union, United States, and Great Britain met to discuss war strategy.




1945 Viola Elizabeth Beth Leeder was born


Mill Street Brampton




Bernie tubing at Minutes Point "Summer time" with Bernard's younger brother Barry William Francis Beleskey,






1955 at 14 Hillcrest Public School
Police lift hold and secure at Hillcrest Public School in Barrie | CTV News



Bernie at Algonquin Park "Trip of a life time" with my Brother, Dad and friendly deer

Bernie feeding deer

Bernie & Barry Feeding Deer in Algonquin Park


Bernie attended St Joseph's High School, Grade 9

1957 Bernie attended St Joseph's High School, Grade 9

1958 Bernie attended St Joseph's High School, Grade 10

1959 Bernie attended St Joseph's High School, Grade 11 May 1960

1960 Bernie's grad photo at 18

1960 Bernie attended Barrie Central Collegiate Grade 13 plus Grade 12

1961 Bernie & Jane meet at Barrie Central Collegiate, Grade 13

Barrie Central Collegiate - Rowell Photography - Wedding

Jane Elizabeth Thompson and Bernard Edwin Anthony Beleskey 1st formally met at a Foot ball game. They were introduced by a friend of both Jane and Bernie, Patsy Hoare. At the time Jane and Patsy were sitting on the upper portion of the spectator's bench, at a football game, being played at Barrie Central Collegiate

Later that week I invited Jane to a windup football Dance being held in Orillia, Ontario at the the Dardanelle Dance Hall.
At the time I did not have a working car. So I borrowed my brother's 1949 Ford.

my 1949 Ford Coupe - YouTube
Similar to this one




1964 Mary Amelia Beleskey Burton died


1964 Off to the Air Force Reg # 96305

1st to Centralia for 3 months

Then in fall of 1965 off to St Jean Quebec for basic training

QUÉBEC – Canadian Military History

Base St Jean Quebec

1966  John Joseph " Jack" Beliski  Died 24 February 1966

Memories: Bernie & Jane got Married Oct 14th 1966,

Wedding Pictures Bernie & Jane got Married Oct 14th 1966, at Church in London Ontario at 4:30 pm

 Then eloped to Detroit, stayed at the Holiday Inn, by the Detroit River. This was one week before the Detroit Riots.

1967 Jane and Bernie lived in Goderich. Bernie was the manager of Household Finance.

COURTHOUSE SQUARE (Goderich) - 2023 What to Know BEFORE You Go

Bedford Hotel Court House Square

 97 Quebec Street Goderich

At the time Jane was still attending Western University, living in residence at Brough Hall on Campus, in London Ontario.



Our Church of the Holy Saviour Waterloo
Built in 1898

Church of the Holy Saviour, Waterloo, Ontario



Proposed Renovation and new build



Bernie & Jane at the Huron Bishop's ball, they acted as convenors in Bingaman's 1970




Jane started teaching at William G Davis Public School Cambridge


The Beleskey Family lived at 181 Herbert Street Waterloo from 1972 to 1979

181 Herbert Street Waterloo


1972 Catherine Edith "Cat" Topps was born February 17th


Kevin Blair Beleskey born 6 June 1972 Kitchener, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Picture 2022

Memories Timeline:


  • When Kevin Blair Beleskey was born on 6 June 1972, in Kitchener, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.

  • Kevin's father, Bernard "Bernie" Edwin Anthony Beleskey, was 30

  • His his mother, Jane Elizabeth Thompson, was 28.

  • Kevin married Cathrine Edith "Cat" Topps on 20 August 1994, in North Bay, Nipissing, Ontario, Canada.

Kevin & Cat Beleskey were the parents of 3 sons.

  • James Durin Beleskey

  • Ryan Earendil Beleskey

  • Adam Elessar Beleskey


1972 Bernie entered a Memory: Kevin was born at KW Hospital at 4:30 by Dr James Campbell, Mother Jane did well, Bernie was present for the whole delivery.


1972  several significant events occurred, including:
  • On May 26, President Richard Nixon visited Moscow for a summit with Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev, during which the Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty (SALT I) was signed.
  • On September 5, 11 members of the Israeli Olympic team were taken hostage and eventually killed by Palestinian terrorists at the Munich Olympics.
  • On December 18, the last American combat troops left South Vietnam, ending direct U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War.
  • On December 29, the United States began a heavy bombing campaign of North Vietnam
  • On December, the last U.S. ground combat unit left Vietnam


1972 Christening at Holy Saviour Waterloo 24 September 1972 Waterloo, Ontario, Canada





1975 - 1976 Pooh Bear Nursery Waterloo

Pooh Bear Nursery to the left of Holy Saviour Church



 Attended Elizabeth Public School Waterloo Kindergarten and Grade 1 French Emergence

Elizabeth Ziegler Public School - Wikipedia


Bernie Beleskey built a wooden Play Ground at Elizabeth Ziegler School, along with neighbour Bruce Lumsden

Day Treatment JR - Lutherwood

Memories here


Stayed with Mrs    at 70 John Street Waterloo after school at Elizabeth Ziegler School



Jane, Bernie & Kevin Beleskey moved to 13 Springdale Dr Kitchener Ontario - September of 1979

Pool Parties





Kevin Attended Bridgeport public school

Victorian Classroom Takes Students on a Trip Through Time (Bridgeport  Public School)






 Edwin Joseph Beleskey died 21 October 1984


1986 Kevin Attended Bluevale Collegiate Waterloo, Ontario till May 1991






Kevin Attended Ryerson University, Toronto Ontario - Sept 1991 til May 1996

232 Ryerson Campus Photos and Premium High Res Pictures - Getty ImagesWhich Residence is Right for You? - Student Blog - Toronto Metropolitan  UniversityRyerson University - Reviews, Tuition & Start Dates |

Image Thumbnail Harold Lloyd Topps Obituary Burial Boxwell Union Cemetery, Nippissing District, Ontario, Canada



Kevin Blair Beleskey marriage to Catherine Edith "Cat" Topps Age 22, on 20 August 1994 North Bay, Nippissing, Ontario, Canada

Cat & Kevin Beleskey * Jane & Bernie Beleskey
Bill & Betty Thompson



William David Thompson Died




2000 The Millennium




Birth of 1st son of Kevin Blair Beleskey was James Durin Beleskey 25 November 2003 Toronto, Ontario, Canada Age 31

Time line In 2003, several significant events occurred, including:

  • The Human Genome Project is completed with 99% of the human genome sequenced to an accuracy of 99.99%.
  • The Space Shuttle Columbia disaster occurred when the shuttle broke apart during re-entry into the Earth's atmosphere, killing all seven crew members.
  • The World Health Organization (WHO) declared SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome) a worldwide outbreak.
  • The first version of the Firefox web browser was released.


Jane & Bernie Travelling before Twins where born


Birth of twins 1st child of Kevin Blair Beleskey was Ryan Earendil Beleskey 5 July 2005 Toronto, Ontario, Canada Birth of Child • Age 33





Second child of Kevin Blair Beleskey was Adam Elessar Beleskey5 July 2005 Toronto, Ontario, Canada


2006 Walking about on Halloween Oct 2006















BELESKEY, Phyllis May (Palmer) Of Barrie born in Toronto on September 15, 1918. A loving daughter of William and Mary (Kent) Palmer, along with four other sisters.

Phyllis passed away, May 15, 2018, in her 100th year. A private service was held at Barrie Union Cemetery and was buried with her beloved husband, Edwin Joseph Beleskey of Barrie.

A loving mother of three sons, and a caring grandmother and great- grandmother. Special thanks to Dr. McConvey and the staff, at Woods Park Nursing Home, in Barrie. Phyllis will be fondly remembered, for her generosity and her love of piano and art.






James Durin Beleskey off to University Sept 2022


2022 Christmas at Kevin & Cat Beleskey's,
In attendance was Bernard & Jane Beleskey along with
James Durin, Ryan Earendil and Adam Elessar Beleskey


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