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Link to a Text View of 10 Generations of Beleskey/beliski/Bieliski


Family Tree Websites:

  1. Family Search: Free to join and use:

    NB: Largest in the World with over 1.6 billion trees adding over one million names every month.

    The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints provides Family  Search free of charge to everyone, regardless of tradition, culture, or religious affiliation.
    Family Search resources help millions of people around the world discover their heritage and connect with family members.

    NB: Go here for your 1st Family Search Guide

    Get Family search Charts and Forms:

Tones  of useful information can be had at this years Rootstech 2023

Where 568,862 TOTAL PARTICIPANTS from 214 COUNTRIES REPRESENTED most virtually. I was one of them.

Many great learning and instructional videos there.

On an additional note: Rootstech linked me up with 465 Relatives from around the World.

I am currently chatting with 7 of them

Also at WIKITREE Where Genealogists Collaborate?

NB: Useful add-ons to Family Search

a}   [ Creating Genealogy Charts ]  or [ Creating Genealogy Charts ]


b} Tree Sweeper [ Tree Sweeper will help you find the errors that have been put into your family tree so you can sweep them away! ]

c} Relative Finder [ Finding a relative or friend ]

d} In-Home Activities These in-home family activities help you discover, gather, and connect your family—past and present. At Family search:


e} Puzzilla  Find new research opportunities on descendant lines in FamilyTree

f} Other 3rd Party Add-ons for Family Search


Genealogy Databases:

  1. Names Databases "Trees by Dan"  [ https://DANBUCHANANHISTORYGUY.COM  ]
    * Use the "Surname Index" to find details for a person.

  2. Find old photos: at Dead Fred's Genealogy Photo Archive,
    * A free, fun photo genealogy research web site devoted to helping you visualize your heritage

  3. The Family History Guide
    * The Family History Guide is a Registered Solutions Provider for FamilySearch, who refers to it for training assistance.

  4. Genealogy Research Forms

Youtube Videos: For Learning and Training in Genealogy Research:

a} Family Search

b} B.Y.U. Bingham Young University
BYU Family History Library - YouTube

c} Genealogy Gems  Lisa Louise Cooke's Genealogy Gems - YouTube and


Other Resources:

  1. Find A Grave:

  2. Google Obits: search Obits "city/town" eg at  enter "Obits Kitchener" or "surname + Obits"

  3. Google Images: search for photos goto enter "Name + image" eg "beleskey images"

  4. Google Meet "To communicate with Living Cousins & Family

  5. Google Maps:



Photo editing I use Jasc Paint Shop Pro 8 free at

Coats of Arms and Country Flags:

Flags:  or search "free animated flags"

Recommended Personal Family Tree Software for PC or MAC

*RootsMagic 9  Genealogy & Family History Software. [ NB I have used version 7 and version 8 ]

RootsMagic is the award-winning genealogy software which makes researching, organizing, and sharing your family history easy!

How to sync Roots Magic to Family Search

Writing a book?

I am working on two books using: Storyworth  My Son gave me a package for Christmas.

"Our Family Memories" and "Is There Really A Heaven" ** "You can decide"

Using  for sure



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