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The Family Tree of Henry & Dove Burton: from c.1760 to the early 1900s from primarily Dorset, Hampshire, Somerset and Wiltshire By Norman Burton

A4, 96 pages with black-and-white photographs

Surnames included in the tree: Attewell, Ayres, Balch, Barber, Bartlett, Belcher, Bendall, Bland, Bolson, Boswell, Brewer, Britten, Broadway, Buckland, Burr, Burton, Cave, Clarke, Cock, Colan, Coleman, Colen, Cooper, Corp, Davis, Dicks, Dixon, Drake, Edwards, Evans, Foot, Ford, Forward, Francis, Fury, Fussell, Guy, Hall, Harrison, Hearne, Heron, Hicks, Hill, Hodges, Hughes, Isaacs, Jeffs, Kidley, Lane, Lee, Lock, Lockett, Lovell, March, Organ, Paisley, Parsley, Parsons, Payne, Price, Pryce, Ryall, Scamp, Shevlin,Small, Smith, Smithers, Stanley, Stephens, Sweetapple, Taylor, Tucker, Walker, Warren, Webb, Wharton, Widcombe, Williams, Wilmott, Woodley
No Eillis in this Tree

Information received from Diane

Wednesday, 5 January 2022
Dear Bernie-- Here is my update to you after looking at your latest Family History information. Maternal--from my mother Joy Tatiana Podgorenco--
Podgorenco, O'Leary, Ottaway, Watman, Gower, Beeching, Butcher, Brungar, Honeysett, Smith, Barrett.
Paternal--From my father Alfred Thomas Burton Longhurst--
  • Longhurst, Squires, Burton, Harrowell, Looker, Houghton, Howell, Smith, MacDonald, I do not have parent names for Flora MacDonald born 1814 in Glasgow, Scotland...someone in Ancestry has put names that are not correct).

    Pullbrock (spelled a few different ways), Mansbridge, Lutman, Green, Haysman (spelled a few different ways), Bavidge, Voller (spelled a few different ways), Snell, Mainer, Young, Lee, and Perry.

  • I am working on a special project, trying to find the father of Vic Johnson, born 1949 in Toronto.  He is on Ancestry and 23andMe.  I have two other people helping me. He will be of our Burton line and I think his ancestors are Thomas Burton and Ellen Houghton.  

    I have been working on this project since April 2019.  Last night, I was able to find the person, Delia Massicotte, who I believe is Vic's maternal grandmother.

    I believe that the husband of Delia was William Scott.  He was born in England in about 1902.  I think he was a Home Child.  He married in 1924 in Toronto.  I have William Scott's parents' names but no children for Delia and William.  I believe William and Delia had children but i could not find any yet.  I believe their daughter, who would be Vic's mother, was born in the mid 1920's, met one of our Burton men, had a child out of wedlock, and that is Vic, whom she gave up for adoption.  

  • Delia was/ and is listed in with a massive tree of French Canadians. I do not have French Canadians in my Family Tree.  Maybe you do not either.  

    There was no husband for Delia but because I saw the marriage record in Toronto, I have started to update the family records.

    If you look later today or tomorrow, you will see my work. I will not be putting in our line of Burton nor Vic at this time.  It all needs to be proven.

    All for now.  Catch you later.  I will let you know about my iPads after Saturday.

Sincerely, Diane G. San Diego, Ca. 92154

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NB: I have a copy of the GED file [ Longhur.ged and Preston.ged saved on my PC ]

William Henry Longhurst 1817-1890 and Ann Preston Longhurst 1825-1873


Index of Persons

Index of Surnames [ LONGHURST, ]