Patricia Diane Godinez nee Longhurst 
March 30, 2021

b : 07/14/1947

Current religion Church of the Later Day Saints

Currently lives at:   2392 - 126 Tocayo Ave., San Diego, 92154. CA

 619-250-8213 Email

I Married: 

Ramon John Godinez

20 June 1970, in The Stadacona Naval Base Chapel, Gottingen Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia

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b. 3 October, 1950
d. 20 May, 2017

Ramon Godinez was born in Santa Rita, Ayo el Chico, Jalisco, Mexico on 3 October 1950. There were 10 children born to his parents, Ramon Godinez Gutierrez and Juana Garcia Barragan. Ramon was the surviving eldest child after the death of a baby sister. He took his responsibility of being the eldest very seriously and was the one person that family members could always count on.

Ramon's carefree youth ended early when he went to Mexico City for two years at the age of 16, to work and live by himself. He then returned to his family's second home in Tijuana. He only stayed a short time before deciding to follow his cousins. His new home for the next few years would be Aurora, Illinois.

In an apartment house where residents paid by the week, he lived with numerous cousins on the second floor. His job was cook and it was something he did for the rest of his life. He delighted in creating new recipes and reworking those of his wife.

Ramon met Diane in a basement laundry room in November 1969. They married the following June in the home of a judge along, with two of his Spanish speaking cousins. Ramon, himself, knew very little English but he had decided he was going to marry someone who could help him live the American dream. They ended up having four sons, nine grandchildren, two great granddaughters, and numerous daughters-in-law. Ramon's happiest times were spent in Mexico watching corn and wheat growing in fertile fields and doting on his grandchildren.

Ramon was a truck driver for many years and then became a warehouse manager. He retired early when his health interfered with his job. He drove everyone, anyone, anywhere. He loved to help others with transportation and he was good with $$ loans to friends and family.

Ramon married young at the age of nineteen and became a stepfather to Diane's 3 year old son Daniel. Three more sons, Johnny, Louie, and Bobby, came in due time. He found it hard to go to his sons' scouting activities, baseball, and soccer games. He was more at ease taking them to Church and school activities. He was Mr. Macho with his children and left the child rearing to his wife.

One of the things that Ramon did passed on to his sons was a strong work ethic. For more than 20 years, he worked 7 days a week, supporting his family and his widowed mother. However, he knew how to vacation with his wife and children and it was their tradition to travel each year. There were trips to Canada, the western United States, Texas, and various places in Mexico.

Ramon was the Godinez patriarch. He set the example for his siblings and others. He and Diane were married for almost 47 years. They lived in the same home for 38 years and went to the same Church for 40 years. He was husband, father, grandpapa, and friend to many. He may be gone from sight but he will continue to be in the hearts and minds of many.

Arrangements under the direction of Glen Abbey Mortuary, Bonita, CA.

My Children:

 Daniel,  Johnny, [ Diane ] "Luis"  and  Bobby

  • Daniel José Godinez born 2 July 1967 in Lompoc, California, USA.
  • Ramón John Godinez born 29 January 1971 in Aurora, Illinois, USA.
  • Luis Alexander Godinez born 29 June 1977 in Coronado, California, USA.
  • Roberto Anthony Godinez born 12 Jul 1982 in Coronado, California, USA.

I have nine grandchildren and  two great grand daughters,

I  Married again on December 1st., 2018, to Felipe Gersain Gutierrez, Born March 20th 1945,

Ceremony in the Elder Street Bldg., of the Chula Vista California Stake.

Ramon is a fellow Church member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

My Ansestors

Paternal Parents

Maternal Parents

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Paternal Grand Parents

  • Alice Violet “Lulu” Squires  b. 31 August 1901  London, England, United Kingdom d. 8 Sep 1994 Cobourg, Northumberland, Ontario, Canada
    NB: This is the correct date.  Lulu had a child, Stanley, before her marriage.  Stanley’s father is unknown.  Cameron and his nephew always list marriage incorrectly. 


Paternal Great Grandparents were:




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  • Your Maternal Grand Father
    Dan PODGORENCO  Victoria British Columbia, Canada
    m. 18 August 1919 in Ogema, Saskatchewan, Canada
    To Rowena Alice O’Leary b. 24 June 1888 in Sutton Valence, Kent, England d. 11 Feb 1975  in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada 
    • His country of Bessarabia lost their territory and became the country of Rumania. 
    • Dan and Rowena met in England when he was recovering from World War 1 wounds.

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  • Your Maternal Grand Mother
    Rowena Alice O'LEARY Sutton Valence Kent England  • Victoria British Columbia, Canada

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    Your Mother's Sister ** Your Aunt

    Marguerite Lucy Podgorenco

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Your Great Maternal Grand Father

Dacayn Pedgereski

Your Great Maternal Grand Mother

Laent Pedgereski

Possible relative



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