Phyllis May Palmer Beleskey
Tuesday, May 15, 2018 at age 99 BURIAL/CREMATION   Private Burial at Barrie Union Cemetery

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You are in a better place now. Love you!
By Bernard
It is still sad to hear you are gone now. Bye Granma
By Kevin

Your art work still graces many homes. It is a lasting legacy of what art meant to you, and how you were able to express yourself through your art. You were always wishing to improve and learn new art techniques. After a very long life, you are now able to rest. Jane
By Jane
About Mom She was buried next to her husband, Edwin Joseph Beleskey at Barrie Union Cemetry, Canada Loving Mother of her first born Son, Bernard Edwin Anthony aka [ Bernie at ] of Kitchener, ON, Pre deceased by her Son Barry William Francis Beleskey, (47) 1943 - 1990 Her many Grand and Great Children, Kevin Blair Beleskey and his three boys, James Durrin Beleskey, Ryan Earendil Beleskey, Adam Elessar Beleskey. Todd Beleskey, his daughter Allison Rose Beleskey and Melanie Beleskey Tashia Long Beleskey, her son Conard Patrick Long Mom's Siblings She had a twin sister Florence Palmer, now deseased, 3 more sisters *Gladis Palmer and *Edna Palmer now diseased. Lastly, Pearl Palmer Coughlin, sister, Born July 8th 1922, now lives in Orangeville ON
By Bernard