Archibald Walter Longhurst
Archibald Walter Longhurst
  • Born June 8, 1877 in Oro County, Ontario
  • son of Archibald John Longhurst and Marth Martha Looker
  • record of birth (yes, blurry), registered July 28, 1877
  • might well have been born in the house on the property in Oro Station and would have spent the early childhood years here
  • This photo of Archibald Walter Longhurst and his wife was cropped from a 1922 photo taken at the 50th wedding anniversary of Archibald John Longhurst and Mary Martha Looker. Archibald John Longhurst is the mustached gentleman in the center of the group photo. Wife Mary Martha Looker is on his left. Archibald Walter Longhurst is the other mustache, rightmost in the top row. His wife Fannie Esther Burton is beside him. To see the names of the others, and to see that picture in its full size, click on it.
  • Archibald Walter Longhurst is believed to be the middle person in the bottom row. Fannie Esther Burton is the second from the left, in this photo of four Burton women. Please see this page to get more context and the names of the others in the photos.



  • Fannie Esther Burton and Archibald Walter Longhurst. One of each pair retains the original photo border.
  • Archibald Walter Longhurst, grandson Randall (Don), Fannie Esther Burton. The rightmost retains the original context fo the photo.


  • married on June 5, 1901, in Barrie, Ontario, to Fannie Esther Burton (born March 10, 1878 in Cookstown, Ontario)
  • marriage registration #015943-01, Simcoe County. record of marriage
  • from the marriage registration... Archibald was "age 23, railway employee (abbreviated "Ry Emp.", born in Oro, living in Barrie", and Fannie was "age 23, born in Cookstown, living in Barrie". Parents as noted above. Witnesses to the marriage were William Hounsome of Bradford and Minnie Longhurst of Barrie. (Registration #015943-01 of Simcoe County.)

As a chronological construct, these events indicate some of the residences for Archibald Walter Longhurst and family...

  • Note: the location where children were born does not necessarily mean that the family lived there. A child may be born away from the home for many reasons, but one would expect that the family was at least in the vicinity. As more items are found, or as more explanation is found, this list will be updated.
  • Note: Allendale should be considered to be a subdivision of Barrie.
  • from birth to 1881, with his parents at the Oro Station property
  • 1881, mentioned in census as "Archibald W.", age 3, as part of the Archibald John Longhurst family
  • 1882 and forward, with his parents, 184 Bradford Street, Barrie
  • 1891, mentioned in census, age 14, as part of the Archibald John Longhurst family
    • the 1891 census for "Arch" Longhurst anf family, in the town of Barrie.
  • 1901, married Fannie Esther Burton, living in Barrie
  • 1902, son Archibald Thomas born, in Barrie
  • 1903, daughter Fannie Esther born, in Allendale
  • 1905, son Walter born, in Allandale document (on a modern map, Essa Road becomes Bradford Street within about 150 metres of the CNR railway station)
  • 1906, daughter Min born, in Barrie, family residing on Sanford Street document
  • 1908, daughter Nellie born, in Barrie
  • 1910, daughter Mary Ellen born, in _______
  • 1917, daughter Margaret born, in North Bay
  • transferred to Barrie (per Margaret)
  • Left a farm in Barrie to move to Belleville
  • transferred to Belleville (per Margaret)
  • moved from Belleville to their last residence, in Montreal, in 1932
  • This is a portion of a map found at the David Rumsey Map Collection site. The map shows the central Ontario area in 1889. Many of the names mentioned in Longhurst ancestry in Ontario appear on this map. As well, the map shows the railroad routes - of special interest to Archibald Walter Longhurst's descendants. Allendale (enlarged with a lens) can easily be seen as one of the main hubs for the Grand Trunk railway (later to be acquired by the Canadian National Railway assemblage in 1919) - Allendale, along with Toronto and Palmerston. Click on the map to view it full size, without the lens. Coincidentally, I was in Palmerston recently and took these pictures of a storied steam engine on display there. (I seem to have inherited a love for trains.)


From tree managed by E. Lowans from Canada


Archibald Walter (known as Walter) Longhurst His uncle
Mary Ellen MURRAY (born LONGHURST) His cousin
Eliza Amelia "Lila" Pitchford (born Harris) His cousin
Mabel Alice HARRIS His cousin
Dorothy Mary HARRIS His cousin
Uriah Houghton His great-great-grandfather
Sarah Houghton (born Snell) His great-great-grandmother
Archibald Thomas LONGHURST His cousin
Fanny Esther WICE (born LONGHURST) His cousin
Minnie Belinda Mary CARMICHAEL (born… His cousin
Laura Kellie LONGHURST His cousin
William Robert Harris His uncle
Olive Flossie Baxter (born Harris) His cousin
Burton John Harris His cousin
Robert Bramwell HARRIS His cousin
Margaret Walker (born BURTON) His cousin
Seneca Nixon Hurst His uncle
Walter John Hurst His cousin
Laura Mabel Hurst His cousin
Thomas Arthur Eade His uncle
Freda Alice Rhodes (born Eade) His cousin
Clifford Arthur Eade His cousin
Velma Victoria Langley (born Eade) His cousin
Thomas Jack (John) Eade His cousin
Arthur Burton Eade His cousin
Emma Burton (born Pratt) His aunt
Grenville Burton His cousin
Reginald Burton His cousin
Leone Noble (born Burton) His cousin
Flossie May BURTON (born SMITH) His aunt
Ralph Theodore Robbins His uncle
Alfred "Alfred "Fred" /HOUGHTON/" Houghton His great-uncle
Miriam McWaters (born Houghton) His great-aunt
Annie Marion Cavena (born Houghton) His great-aunt
Esther Bateman (born Houghton) His great-aunt
Alice Bain (born Houghton) His great-aunt
Mary Ann Leggatt (born Houghton) His great-aunt
Uriah Houghton His great-uncle
Thirza Faithfull (born Houghton) His great-aunt
Samuel Houghton His great-uncle