Valentine Joesph "Jack" Beleskey/Beliski Desendants

[ Valentine's Father was ?? John Anton Beliski [ Bilicki ] married in Strausberg Jan 30th 1853 ]

Their 6 children:

  1. John "Jack" Joseph Beliski  (78) 1888 - 1966 + *Mary Amelia Ruth [ Burton ] (70) 1894 - 1964  [ Wedding photo of Jack & Mary here ]
    • John "Jack was born Odanski Poland, on September 5, 1888 + Mary Amelia Ruth [Burton], born May 10th, 1894  in Laskie, Ontario. 
    • "Jack" emigrated from Germany, via England, to Canada in the early 1900's and settled in  Guelph, ON. 
      Shortly after re-settled in Barrie Ontario, Canada and married his bride Mary Burton, May 14, 1913. 
    • Jack worked as an upholsterer, on Innisfil Street, Barrie, ON, till he died of bladder cancer, February 24, 1966.
      He also had Type I Diabetes as well which worsened his condition
    • He is buried in Union cemetery, Barrie Ontario.  Grave Stone
    • He also loved his homemade sour kraut and dandelion wine.
    • Every 1st of May we went fishing and 24 weekend we always went morel mushroom hunting.
    • Mary was always remembered for her kind heart and generous work at the Salvation Army and not to forget her famous lemon pie.
    • Mary died July 28, 1964 and is buried in Union cemetery, Barrie Ontario. Grave Stone
  2. Emma Beliski [ Does anyone know who she married? ]
  3. Helen Beliski [ Does anyone know who she married? ]
  4. Rose Beliski married - Edward WAGNER, 22, A mechanic, Waterloo, In Guelph, parents of William WAGNER & Elizabeth GUCKMAN, married Rose BELISKI, 19, Guelph, d/o Valentine BELISKI & Julia DOMBROWSKI, witness:
  5. Nellie Beliski __ Nellie Beliski was born in 1893 in Guelph, Wellington County, Ontario, Canada, The Daughter of Valentine Beliski and Jane Debrosky.

    Nellie Beliski married Anson Buck on November 20, 1912.
  6. Lita Beliski [ Does anyone know who she married? ]

Their  5 children click here: [Edwin, Vern, Dode, Doug & Chuck ]

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