Archibald Thomas Longhurst
Portrait, c1940

Archibald Thomas Longhurst

Alice Violet ("Lulu") Squires

Archibald Thomas Longhurst was born Friday, March 28th, 1902 in Barrie, Ontario. His father's name was Archibald Walter Longhurst. His mother's name was Fannie Esther Burton.

Archie met Alice Violet ("Lulu") Squires at a farm near Barrie, when he was working for his father delivering parcels. Lulu and Archie married in 1919, in Barrie.

Archie and Lulu had six children - in order of birth : Stanley, Archie, Alfred, Harvey, Ruth, and Lorne.

Details about Archibald Thomas' family

  • born Friday, March 28th, 1902, in Barrie, Ontario.
  • On Microfilm #2,130,573 re the birth registration of Longhurst, Arch. Thomas, son of Archibald Walter Longhurst and Fanny Esther Burton. Born on March 28, 1902, in Barrie, County of Simcoe, Ontario, and registered on April 26, 1902.
  • Father was listed as a butcher. Mother was attended by Dr. H.T. Arnall. Family was living at 184 Bradford Street.
  • record of birth
  • Northern Advance newspaper, front page for March 28, 1902, notice regarding this birth.
  • clipped from the Northern Advance newspaper page above.
  • married January 16, 1923, in Barrie, Simcoe County, Ontario, to Alice Violet ("Lulu") Squires (born Saturday, August 31, 1901, in London, England)
  • record for Simcoe County, 1023: #020088-23 Archibald Thomas LONGHURST, 20, delivery man, born in Barrie, living in Barrie, s/o Archibald Walter LONGHURST, (born in Oro Township) & Fanny Esther BURTON, married Lulu Alice Violet SQUIRES, 20, domestic, born in England, living in Barrie, daughter of William Walter SQUIRES, (b. England) & Mary AUGUST (name after remarrying?), witnesses: Amy Ella SQUIRES (Lulu's sister) & Walter B. LONGHURST (Archie's brother Walter Burton "Pat"), both of Barrie, 16 Jan., 1923, at Barrie
  • Archibald worked for CNR as a car inspector, on the Barrie-Belleville run. His work also took him to several other CNR division points, which meant that he and his family moved around a lot. At times, the Longhursts lived in Allendale (south of Barrie), in Toronto (Dundas St., Fisken St., MacDonald St., Belwood St., and a farm in Thistletown), in Montreal, Cobourg, Shanty Bay and finally in Belleville. (18 Munro Street, Stony Lonesome subdivision).
  • Archibald was a member of the Belleville Lodge, # 123, of the Masonic Temple of Freemasons. To be a member of this fraternity, one is required "to be a man, over the age of twenty-one; to believe in a Supreme Being; to live an ethical and moral life; and have a strong interest in the Fraternity and desire to participate in its charities and its activities." In the roster of 1956, Archie T. is listed as being a "railroader", residing at R.R. 8. In the roster of 1963, Archie T. is listed as being a "railroader" living at 141 University Ave., Belleville.
  • In the early 40's, Archibald lost his right leg when, while working in a train yard, he was pinned between car couplers. On March 15, 1992, granddaughter Colleen Longhurst did an interview of his wife Lulu to get some family history. One story was about a fortune teller named Madame Leda who had told Lulu before the accident to "be careful working where wheels went around". "Lost my leg to a... to hang on?" were Archie's last words before the anesthetic. Lulu still had the newspaper article in her wallet many years later.
    Archie Longhurst, 18 Murney St. and who was employed as car inspector with the Canadian National Railways here, lost his right leg after being crushed between two box cars in the Belleville C.N.R. yards Saturday afternoon. The crushed and mangled leg had to be amputated near the hip at the Belleville General Hospital. His right arm was badly lacerated and the flesh torn in the accident. Dr. Van Blakslee attended the injured man and amputated.

    Longhurst, who is employed at the C.N.R. yards here as a car inspector, was about to couple the hose line of approaching box cars, when the lead portion of the train cut in and caught Mr. Longhurst between the box cars. The car couplings came together against his right hip crushing and mangling the leg above the right knee. Mr. Longhurst clung to the ladder of one of the box cars as the train rolled some eight or nine car lengths before it was brought to a halt. During this time Mr. Longhurst's right arm was badly crushed and mangled as he was forced to hold onto the ladder of the lead box car in order to save himself from falling beneath the wheels of the train.

    Following the amputation at the hospital yesterday three blood transfusions were necessary as the result of the large quantity of blood lost in the accident. Dr. Blakslee announced at noon, that Mr. Longhurst's condition was satisfactory, despite the loss of so much blood.

  • Some of the residences in Belleville and area were...
    • 1930's - house downtown, near the Moira River, that burned down (no one home at the time), family moves for a short time to Montreal
    • house was rebuilt, family returns, this is the residence that son Alfred leaves to join the Navy in 1942.
    • late 1940's - 18 Murney Street, Belleville, stone house downtown. Stan lived in front, Archie and Lulu lived in rear.
    • Early 50's - house built by family members in Cobourg, at 421 Ontario Street. This house still stands today (2002, has new siding).
    • 141 University Avenue (Stoney Lonesome)
    • Early 1970's - sometime after death of Archibald, Lulu moves to an apartment in Belleville on Henry Street (first floor, street side balcony).
          • 1930's - 141 University - burned down (no one home at the time), family moves for a short time to Montreal
          • 141 University rebuilt, residence that ATB leaves to join Navy in 1942
          • late 1940's - 18 Murney Street, Belleville, stone house downtown, Stan lived in front, Archie and Lulu lived in rear
          • Stony Lonesome subdivision).
    • barnardos records state
    • 27-10-1923... Ch. Sh. Married now:- Mrs. A.T. Longhurst, R. R. #1, Allandale, Ontario.

      26-04-1928... C.S. change of address to:- 17 Emily Street, Belleville, Ontario.

      24-04-1928... H.R. corroborates above change:- (report received later than change sheet)

      08-02-1930... C.S. Change of address to:- (Station Street? or Station, like Station A Toronto?), P.O. Belleville, Ontario.

      31-12-1937... C.S. Change of address to:- 29 Fisken Avenue, Toronto, Ontario.

  • children :
    • Stanley William (Stan) Longhurst
      • born in Gravenhurst, District of Muskoka, on December 29, 1920, per a birth certificate signed by the Deputy Registrar General on November 26, 1943; believed to be the son of Lulu, adopted by Archibald after their marriage; an alternative birth date is December 29, 1921
      • From daughter Nancy... "Aunt Min told me that dad was born in the Salvation Army hospital in Toronto. Aunt Min said grandma worked for two old bachelors in the Shanty Bay area. She also told me that grandma was headed back there after she had dad and left him on a Judge Wisener's (or Wizner's) doorstep because she couldn't go any further. She said (the Wiseners) took him in and called him Robert Barry because he was found in Barrie. Grandma supposedly got him back because the hospital papers where in the basket that she carried him in. Aunt Min told me this story herself but I have no way of confirming it."
      • From daughter Nancy... "I do recall my mother saying Lulu gave several versions as to what happened concerning my father's birth. One story was that it was a married man by the name of Black."
      • From Alfred Longhurst... the two old bachelors mentioned above were Jim and Joe Coulson from Shanty Bay.
      • married on March 28, 1942, to Amy Morrison
      • children:
        • Nancy Longhurst
          • born ________
          • married Hugh Watts
        • Gregory Allen Longhurst
          • born ________
          • married Jacqueline (Jackie) Foley
          • Greg "passed away suddenly on April 28, 2008"
          • Jackie passed away December 6, 2011, at age 65
        • Mary Longhurst
          • born ________
          • married George Pearce
      • From comments of daughter Nancy... Stan played guitar at dances, played the mouth organ, and could yodel (having learned from hearing Wilf Carter on the radio). Stan raised pigeons, and used glass eggs to make them lay. He was self-taught, a good father, and imparted great values.
      • Regarding the Morrison side of the family, of English origin, Nancy states... "I have the letter that my great grandfather wrote my great grandmother right before they were torpedoed on the Lusitania and went down."
      • Stan worked for Northern Electric in Belleville
      • (Stan Longhurst) died at age 45 of what has been best described as myocarditis by the family doctor Dr. Douglas, though this in itself should not have killed him.
      • "Myocarditis is an uncommon disorder caused by viral infections such as coxsackie virus, adenovirus, and echovirus. It may also occur during or after various viral, bacterial, or parasitic infections (such as polio, influenza, or rubella). The condition may be caused by exposure to chemicals or allergic reactions to certain medications and it can be associated with autoimmune diseases. The heart muscle becomes inflamed and weakened, causing symptoms of heart failure, which may mimic a heart attack."
    • Archibald Walter (Archie) Longhurst
      • born November 16, 1923
      • married on September 28, 1944, to Betty Markham
      • children :
        • Bonnie Longhurst
          • born ________
        • Tom Longhurst
          • born ________
        • Doug Longhurst
          • born ________
        • Peter Longhurst
          • born ________

      • Archie Longhurst died in Grafton, Ontario at age 48, in the early 70's, of diabetes
      • Cam Longhurst remembers... going down for his uncle's funeral with his father (Alfred), but not going to the funeral for some reason - instead flying kites with another boy (Tommy perhaps)
      • Archie's brother Alfred remembers... Archie was the best fisherman of the brothers, by far.
      • Betty Markham remarried, to Samuel Domenico.
      • Betty Markham passed away on June 13, 2015, at Westgate Lodge, Belleville, at age 90.
    • Alfred Thomas Burton Longhurst
      • born January 21, 1925, in a stone house on Cannifton Road, in Belleville, Ontario (in the Stoney Lonesome subdivision)
      • married January 28, 1946, in Victoria, B.C., to Joy Tatiana Podgorenco (born February 26, 1928, in Bengough, Saskatchewan,
      • d. in Oregon, in 1994, of lung cancer), marriage was dissolved by October 13, 1948
      • Family Tree of Joy Tatiana Podgorenco
      • child from first marriage "Patricia Diane Longhurst" child in picture is Patricia Diane Godinez   nee Longhurst

        Patricia Diane Godinez   nee Longhurst  Age 70 Born : 07/14/1947 "Church of England" Currently lives in San Diego, CA

        • Address is 2392 - 126 Tocayo Ave., San Diego, 92154. Phone is 619-429-8880 Email
        • Current religion Church of the Later Day Saints

        Married to RAMON GODINEZ June 1969

         Obituary of RAMON GODINEZ OBITUARY October 3, 1950 May 20, 2017 Click here

      • (Alfred Thomas Burton Longhurst) second marriage - August 11, 1950, in Halifax, N.S., to Theresa Alice Mary Burke (born May 27, 1925, in Louisdale, Ontario);
      • Married in the Stadacona Naval Base Chapel, Gottingen Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia
      • Children from second marriage: yes
      • Theresa died May 13, 2010, 14 days short of her 85th birthday (congestive heart failure)
      • Alfred died September 15, 2011 at age 86 (lymphoma)
    • Francis Harvey ("Harv") Longhurst
      • born 1926
      • married on May 20, 1946, to Bessie May (Beck) Barge
      • children: no
      • (future link to a page of photos of, and taken by, Harv and Beck)
      • Harvey Longhurst died in 1989, in Kingston Hospital, of complications of a failed kidney
      • Beck died June 5th, 1999, in Belleville General Hospital, of complications of liver disease (possibly a bad blood transfusion)

      • Harv and Beck are buried together in Elmwood Cemetery, Corbyville, Ontario. Their gravestone is right beside that of Harv's mother and father (see more details and photos below).
    • Violet Ruth Longhurst
      • born September 26, 1927
      • married Theodore Frederick ("Ted") Bevan (born ___, died ___)
      • children: yes
    • Robert Lorne (Lorne) Longhurst
      • born ___
      • died at age two, of appendicitis
      • buried in Belleville Cemetery
      • "waked" at his Aunt Min's house
      • pallbearers were his brothers
  • Archibald Longhurst died of a heart attack, in Belleville, May 19, 1971. He is buried just north of Belleville, in Elmwood Cemetery, Corbyville, Ontario.

    The Intelligencer, Wednesday, May 19, 1971.

    Obituaries (found on page 2)

    Archibald Thomas Longhurst

    Archibald Thomas Longhurst of 141 University Ave., Belleville died in the Belleville General Hospital, Wednesday, May 19, following a short illness.

    Son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Archibald Walter Longhurst, he was born in Barrie, Ontario, and died in his 70th year.

    Mr. Longhurst is survived by his wife, the former Lulu Squires. Also surviving him are two sons, Harvey of Belleville and Fred of Brampton; one daughter, Mrs. Ted Bevan of Cobourg. He was predeceased by three sons: Stan, Archie and Lorne.

    Mr. Longhurst is also survived by his brothers, Walter of Trenton and Randall of Foxboro; four sisters, Mrs. Red (Minnie) Carmichael of Belleville, Mrs. Edmund (Margaret) Cooper of Montreal, Mrs. Fanny Wice and Mrs. Ellen Murray, both of Toronto.

    A CNR employee for 40 years, he was a member of the Brotherhood of Railroad Carmen of America, 617, Belleville. Mr. Longhurst was a member of the Salvation Army, the Belleville Lodge AF and AM 123, St. John's Chapter 48, Cobourg; White Shrine of Jerusalem and the Loyal Star of America 83. He also belonged to the Senior Citizens' Club of Belleville.

    The funeral service will be conducted by Captain E. Gurney from the John R. Bush Funeral Home, Friday, May 21 at 2 p.m.

  • Lulu Longhurst died Sept. 8, 1994, in Cobourg, Ontario.


Archie Sr. with Fred, Harvey and Archie Jr. in the back Archie Sr., Lulu, Fred and Archie Jr.

"Stoney Lonesome"

Modern photos - taken June, 2002.


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