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Welcome to The Beleskey/Beliski Family Tree 2017
The Family Crest and our Flag of Lithuania Lithuanian History [ click here ]
Origin of Coat of Arms
1369 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gryf_coat_of_arms

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This family Tree has been created and upadted Dec 2016 by Bernard "Bernie" Edwin Anthony Beleskey, Born November 27th 1941

He is the son of *Edwin Joesph Beleskey Born April 12th 1916 Died at 68 October 21, 1984, who was married May 14th 1940, Phyllis May (Palmer) Beleskey Born Sept 15th 1918

Grand Son of John "Jack" Joseph Beliski  Known as Beleskey (78) 1888 - 1966 + *Mary Amelia Ruth [ Burton ] (70) 1894 - 1964 [ Wedding photo here ]

Great Grand Son of Valentine Joseph "Jack" Beliski, (died 58) 1858 - 1916

Great, great, grandson of *Beliski Sr. 1837 - ?

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Bernie Edwin Anthony Beleskey was born Nov. 27th 1941 in Barrie Ontario, Canada.

  • He is married to Jane Elizabeth [Thompson] Beleskey, born July 8th 1943, Married on Oct 14th 1966.

  • He currently lives at: 13 Springdale Drive, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, N2K1P8

  • Phone 519-745-2353, e-mail: Bernie@Beleskey.com and Jane@Beleskey.com

The Family Tree name "Beliski" of our ancestors now dates back to 1414 in Lithuania. Our ancestors also came from Lithuania then to Prussia and then to Poland. the from Germany they arrived in Canada and United States, in the early 1900's

Our Family Name History:

As you may or may not know the Beleskey/Beliski's are of Lithuanian decent, polish herritage and traditions. The narrative obtained from the "The Historical Research Center" describes the following historical information.

The Lithuanians may have settled along the Neman (Nemanus) as early as 1500 B.C. In the 13th cent., to protect themselves against the Livonian and Teutonic knights, they formed a strong, unified state which, by absorbing neighboring Russian principalities, became one of the largest in medieval Europe. Between 1386 and 1569, Lithuania gradually merged with Poland. In 1795 it came under Russian control. Independence was declared in 1918, but Poland held Vilnius from 1920 to 1939.

The Lithuanian surname Beleskey/Beliski is of homonymic [ same as ] origin, deriving from the place name where the initial bearer lived or held land. In this instance the surname is considered to be a variant of the Polish Beliski, both finding their roots in a place names "Beles", with the addition of the suffix"-skey" which is a phonic variant of "-ski", a standard Slavic ending.

Thus the first bearer of the surname Beleskey/Beliski was someone who was identified by the members of his community as "one who hailed from Beles". In some cases, this name may also have originated from the estate of the family, in which instance, it can be interpreted "the lord of Beles".

The surname is also record as Belewicz and Bielewski. Etymologically the loponym derives from the Slavic term "biel", meaning "white". After the union of Horodla in 1413, when Lithuania and Poland united, many members of the Lithuanian aristocracy adopted the polish form of their surnames and indeed Lithuanian society was to become completely Polonized. Indeed, the variant form of Beliski was borne by a noble Lithuanian family, which was a sept of the great clan Mogila. The ancestral seal of this house was located in the city of Zmudz, where their existence was documented in 1840. Zmudz, a Russian diocese, also called Telshi (Telshe), including the part of Lithuania lying on the Baltic; this Lithuanian district, also named Schmudien (Polish, Zmudz) or Schamaiten (Lithuanian, Zemaitis), was conquered about 1380 by the Teutonic Knights, and ceded to Poland in 1411 by the first Treaty of Thorn after the defeat of Tannenberg. The surname of Beliski was of the family which was a sept (family) of the clan of Sreniawa.

The Family Crest and our Flag of Lithuania Lithuanian History [ click here ]

The Family Tree of * Mr. Beliski Sr. 1837 - ? and Mrs. Beliski 1839 - ?

Their are two known children: [ Click on hyperlink to access family tree ]

  • "Jack" Valentine Joseph Beliski, Known as Beleskey (died 58) 1858 - 1916 born Odanski Poland, died in Germany at 58 years of age.
    His Son John "Jack" Joseph Beliski  [ later changed to Beleskey ] migrated to Guelph ON, Canada then on to live in Barrie Ontario, Canada, where he raised a family.

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  • "Joseph" Jack Beliski, (died 64), 1856 - 1920 Born Jan. 29th 1856 Odanski Poland - Migrated to Canada in 1887.
    Mainly settled in Guelph ON, Canada.

NB: If I missed any descendants or there are errors, please contact me Bernie@Beleskey.com